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Full electric CNC press brake BOXER R850

full electric CNC BOXER press brake

Our compact press brake BOXER is a high technology full electric CNC-controlled bending press for precision sheetmetal bending.
The machine is made with high-rigid and stable machine frame with the use for main components of the machine only top class world manufacturers. The machine is able for daily bending jobs without the differences in high and low production programs, if necessary it could be used 24 hours as well, including the automated bending.
Some basic features like side tables for raw production and final parts, the construction to work in seat mode and foot pedal to run cycle allows to the operator reduce fatigue during the work. Our machine demonstrates the high accuracy even for critical applications and the attractive price makes our press brake BOXER as one of the most interesting offers for compact electric press brakes market.

Why electric technology?   green leaf icon

Full electric compact CNC press brake BOXER Electric technology is the latest and newest operational principle in industrial machine tools movements thanks to servodrives, precision guides and NC or CNC control to obtain the maximum accuracy from the machine with the great reduction of noise, waste, service and maintenance costs.
Electric technology is green technology which means that the contamination of the environment is zero. Moreover there is no any service connected with the hydraulic unit.
Electric technology with servodrive movements means the constant precision of the stroke during the full lifetime of the machine without the wear and missing of accuracy because of maintenance absence.
Finally, the highest ability of control and positioning makes the movements with the most accuracy for even critical applications. Our press brakes are full electric which means that all movements are servo-driven. This is the big difference between standard hydraulic press brakes where the main stroke of the upper beam is controlled by hydraulic station. The main accuracy of positioning is 0,05 mm.

Why do I need the compact press brake?

Compact size for compact parts - is one of the advantages for the clever planning of the production. It is well known that in general there are a lot of small parts are bent with the big length and high tonnage machines which means the big power use and reduction the lifetime of the machine for small parts which could be bended even with 10-20 tons of force. The small and compact press brake could be not the stand-alone equipment but the perfect replacement for small jobs that you have in your workshop. Separation of the production for sure will be the key for increasing of productivity, reduction of consumption power with interchangeable tools if necessary. Moreover our press brake has really compact size which means that it could be installed even in the limited space.
Moreover a lot of manufacturers offer press brakes with start from 1250 mm width and more. If your parts are fit inside standard 835 mm bending tools you do not need to request more bigger and powerful machine to save the energy consumption and workshop space for other equipment.

Sheetmetal CNC bending

Full electric compact CNC press brake BOXER Full electric compact CNC press brake BOXER Press brake with CNC control is the important tool to run the serial production process - all the steps in the program are made automatically and operator just control the positioning of parts. Instead of semi-automatic press brakes all the positioning and movements of axis are already controlled by CNC so the operator just need to run the steps process. Machine has CNC and main servodrive from ESAutomotion - one of the main Italian manufacturers of control units for press brakes.
Inside is the 2D bending visualization, all main local languages, pre-installed tooling library and availability to enter your own specific tooling. Y as bending axis, X and R for electric backgauge are fully automatically CNC controlled, Z is manual to adjust from the front side. It means the possibility to run all the bends in automatic mode with all backgauge position changes under the program. CNC allows such features as external software to prepare bending programs or online diagnostic to connect with the service team through Internet and to verify the status and alarms of the machine.

Bending tooling and tool system

Our press brake uses Promecam bending tool system which means interchangeable tools with a lot of trademarks and manufacturers of press brakes in the world. You can easily install any standard tools from your workshop to our press brake or, later, reinstall it with your big machine if power and tonnage is sufficient.
Do you have WILA-TRUMPF tooling? In this case we can supply the machine with WILA-TRUMPF clamps as standard. As default the machine is supplied with Multi-V sectioned die and sectioned punch which is suitable for most of standard jobs. We are able to supply any standard and special bending tools for your needs.

Special needs?

If you looking for full automatic bending cell with the installation of robot together with the press brake our machine could be the interesting solution. Please inform us if you have the application for robotic cell and we will try to offer you the complete turn-key solution as the bending cell with all the ancillary units, electronic and software.

Press brake video

Technical specifications

Bending tool system Promecam as default, WILA optional
Max. bending length 835 mm
Max. bending force 25 tons (250 kN)
CNC controlled axes Y, X, R
Manual axes Z
Trave stroke (Y) 155 mm
Y axis speed 0-10 mm/sec
Y axis positioning accuracy +/- 0,01 mm
Approach of backgauge stroke (X) 345 mm
X axis speed 0-300 mm/sec
X axis positioning accuracy +/- 0,05 mm
Backgauge lifting stroke (R) 130 mm
R axis speed 0-250 mm
R axis positioning accuracy +/- 0,05 mm
Electric connection 380 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase
Workshop dimensions with tables 1200 x 2360 x 2005 mm
Press brake weight 2000 kg

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